IRIS is the ideal interlocutor for who intend to design and implement innovative solutions based on the use of laser applications in industrial and “techno-rural” contexts.



Our team in Genova in collaboration with CNR

After first test in July, yesterday there was the final test to validate our plasma treatment which allows to obtain clean energy from the waste plastic of the sea. The collaboration with CNR continues into the CLAIM Project. Click here to read the press release.

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IRIS in Genova for the CLAIM Project

First test in Genova for the IRIS plasma treatment which allows to obtain energy from the waste plastic of the sea. Our team collaborated with CRN to do the trial in Genova harbour. Click here to read

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IRIS is part of SIMPADD project which won the PRIA_I4.0 call for over 3 million euros

PRIA_I4.0, the call created to finance research about additive manufacturing and industry 4.0, awarded SIMPADD (Melt Pool Monitoring System for Additive Direct Deposition).
The project, lasting 18 months, will allow a significant improvement in the quality of metal components produced through the process of additive manufacturing. IRIS will contribute to the development and validation of this system in its plants, collaborating with AISICO (lead partner), Prima Industrie, Codditive S.r.l. and with the Automotive Innovation Pole

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