The know-how of IRIS in the field of laser technology, combined with the solid competence in terms of design and engineering of the production process, make the company an ideal partner to support those companies that intend to develop applications based on the use of laser and plasma technologies at all stages of the project.


One of the strengths of IRIS consists in being a small company, therefore simple and flexible, but with a powerful technological expertise. For these reasons IRIS is the ideal partner to accompany companies in the development of new projects.

IRIS can support all phases of a project: from the idea to the scouting, benchmarks, feasibility, development, validation, patent analysis and industrialization. For the most innovative applications, IRIS is also able to place the required activities in a funded cooperative research context, in order to minimize costs for customers.



  • Robotic cell for laser processing equipped with 5kW fiber laser and beam switch for development of special applications of laser welding, powder metal deposition / cladding, surface/thermal treatments (2x2m working area)
  • “Small1” robotic cell for pre-series and small productions laser welding (1x1m working area)
  • Large dimension working cell with 5 axis of motion, of which 3 are cartesian (X,Y, Z), and 2 are polar axis U, and Additive manufacturing, laser repairing, thermal treatments with 3 kW fiber laser (4×1.5m working area)
  • Plastic materials laser welding station with IR source 50W (working area 0.5×0.5m)
  • TIG / MIG / MAG welding
  • GTV metal powder dispenser equipped with sieve for dust recovery
  • Station for metallography


  • Laboratory for thermochemical conversion processes (10kW)
  • Plasma and electrical impulse treatment process development laboratory (120kV)
  • Chemical and microbiological laboratory


Laser welding

Feasibility and development of laser or hybrid technology application to the welding processes of any combination of materials: steel, light alloys, special alloys, thermoplastic, multimaterial.

Additive Manufacturing and laser coatings

Feasibility and development of special applications of Direct Energy Deposition technology of conventional or special materials.

Laser heat treatments

Feasibility and development of laser heat treatments.

Plasma treatments

Feasibility and development of surface, liquid plasma treatment processes.

Thermochemical recycling

Feasibility and development of degradation / pyrolysis / gasification processes of organic substances by means of thermal plasma / heating aimed at recovering raw materials from composite matrices.