Flyer CINEA Joint Event

Business models for CCUS and alternative fuels!

Tomorrow the Horizon 2020 “GICO” project at the event for CCUS and alternative fuels entitled “Public perception and business models” supported by CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency)!

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IRIS LightMe
IRIS LightMe 2
mechanical test

LightMe case studies…follow up!

Have you ever seen a 3D printed finished metal component? We show it to you! In the photo, the titanium alloy actuator support manufactured in 3D at IRIS for the H2020 European LightMe project. The next photo shows the object after the CNC process at Coşkunöz Metal Form… and it passed all the mechanical tests too!

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LightMe case studies

Successfully completed the case studies of the LightMe project proposed by our partners! An aerospace actuator mount and an automotive transmission mount both made by titanium alloy!

#DED #additivemanufacturing #titanium

Diad Group ES
Coşkunöz Metal Form

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Moby Litter-IV: Greenplasma presentation

A new adventure is about to begin! On 25th, 26th and 27th July you will find us in Ancona, Fano and San Benedetto del Tronto to present our Greenplasma!

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WIRE deposition head!

Discover IRIS services: new deposition head made by IRIS (wire technology) compatible with both infrared and blue laser sources!

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M30 GICO General Assembly

In a few days, we will be at Marion Technologies in Verniolle (France) to discuss the progresses of the GICO project! Don’t miss any updates following us on the dedicated website!

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The new project GIANCE!

We are thrilled to share that we are partners in GIANCE #horizoneurope project with our nano-pulsed plasma technology for water treatment. In GIANCE we will integrate a specific new catalyst rGO-based, which will allow for improving the removal efficiency of recalcitrant pollutants.

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Alluminium laser welding!

Discover IRIS services: laser welding on aluminum plates with anthropomorphic arm (in the photo, welded Al7075 plates at 90° and 45°).

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Blue laser has arrived!

We are proud to show you the latest IRIS new: the blue laser source! We are now able to weld highly reflective materials, including copper alloys and precious metals!

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Kick Off Meeting iMERMAID

On June the 7th and 8th the Kick Off Meeting of iMERMAID #horizoneurope project will be hosted by ITCL Centro Tecnológico!

We are excited to start this new adventure, we will use our nano-pulsed plasma technology to remove harmful pollutants from our water, including persistent pollutants such as PFAs

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delaminazione 3

Titanium TIG welding

Discover IRIS services: TIG welding on Titanium! The photo shows the case of a repared plate – 3D printed product after delamination (Ti 5 grade alloy powder)

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