IRIS joins the EU Mesomorph project

IRIS is project leader for “Dissemination and Exploitation” part. Its role aims to support the development and production processes of smart sensors, which will be inserted in the advance oxidation plants able to reuse waste water.

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Biomass: Walden wins a new project!

Walden is part of the team which will develop the next Forestry Plan of the Valley to promote a sustainable forest management and an efficient wood supply chain.

Eco Chisone

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The Green Plasma on Linea Verde RaiTV

Ancona was the star of Linea Verde Life Rai TV (on air 20/2/2021). This episode spoke about the collaboration between IRIS, Università Politecnica delle Marche and Garbage Group: all together are involved in the Green Plasma test to achieve energy from plastic waste.

Il Resto del Carlino_5.2.21

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We are members of Cluster BIG!

We are proud to announce our entrance in the Blue Italian Growth Technology Cluster. We will collaborate with the most important players of Italian and international industrial research in the blue economy field.

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Certification ISO 3834

IRIS has achieved Iso 3834:  this certification ensures the quality of welding process in the metal manufacturing.

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The Ancona project

The collaboration with the Università Politecnica delle Marche and the research team lead by Prof. Francesco Regoli continues to test Green Plasma device in the Ancona harbor. Inside this sperimental project is involved too Garbage Group, a company which makes boat for cleaning sea water.

You can read about it on the newspaper: Molto Futuro_21.1.21

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FREEWHEEEL: a urban mobility solution

It’s finished the European project FREEWHEEL (H2020) to promote social inclusion of disabled and elderly people through a urban mobility solution.

IRIS was a coordinator of this researchers team, thanks to his competence in Additive Manufacturing technologies.

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Green Plasma on TV!

Thanks to the collaboration with Prof. Francesco Regoli at Università Politecnica delle Marche, our Green Plasma technology has been published on RAI TV, public italian broadcaster.

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IRIS in charge in the new GICO project

IRIS joins the GICO (Gasification Integrated with CO2 Capture  and Conversion). I’ts an european project H2020-2024 to develop new materials and technologies.

IRIS is responsible for:

  • development and testing of Plasma-Enhanced Catalytic Oxidation treatment (PECO) device
  • Development and testing of High voltage nano pulsed plasma device
  •  Market analysis and business model
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Certification ISO 9001

IRIS has achieved Iso 9001 Certification about design and development of special processes and special devices for industry and environment. Metal processing using laser welding.

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Ciabot hi-tech!

We are proud to show our last creation: “Chestun Cabin 01”. This project is born to give value to local wood, chestnut and larch. It is a housing unit which mixes past and future: thanks to IRIS tecnology it can provide water and energy by itself.

Ciabot_Eco Chisone

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